LRC Social Media Guidelines


Social Media Guidelines for Members and Community

The objectives of LRC’s social media platforms are to

  • increase member engagement,
  • raise awareness of the club events,
  • recruit new members, and
  • increase awareness of club facilities and other offerings to members

The Purpose of this policy

Social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile applications used for member social interaction. LRC’s social media platforms may include but are not limited to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  It encourages members to like, comment and share the posts by the Club.


Conduct of Social Media Users

Users of the club’s social media platforms must conduct themselves in a professional manner, respect the posts of the club and demonstrate respect for our members, clients, guests, vendors, employees and competitors.

The use of LRC’s social media for personal, religious or political purposes is not allowed.  Do not cite or reference members, partners or suppliers without their approval.  When making a reference, where possible, link back to the source.


Social Media Platform Management

LRC’s social media platforms are managed by IT Department and Marketing Communications Department.

Marketing Communications Manager and General Manager are responsible to upload relevant club content or posts to its social media platforms.

All content posted on LRC’s social media platforms that may be considered dishonest, disrespectful, offensive or damaging to the interests, image and reputation of the organisation, employees, members or others is not permitted and maybe removed.

All social media platforms will be monitored on a regular basis.  Violation of guidelines may result in the removal of content, blocking or removing users from accessing LRC’s social media sites.

LRC is not liable for anything posted on social media sites that are not posted and/or managed by the LRC team.