Environmental Initiatives

Over the past years, the LRC Sustainability Strategy and Environmental Policy have continuously supported its operation to preserve and protect its resources and the planet. With its humble focuses on reducing its carbon footprint, constructing more sustainable facilities, ensuring a more environmentally conscious supply chain and supporting innovative conservation initiatives, the LRC inspires its staff and members to support these efforts.

LRC Green Management

Reducing, reusing, and recycling is fundamental. All staff and members are encouraged to observe this basic rule to save cost, energy and natural resources. Appropriate recycling bins are available in the offices and at the lower walkway of the Club.

Awards and Recognitions

Recognition for diligence is the most precious to motivating continuous betterment of the sustainability of this city and the world.

Energy Management

2018   Class of Excellence – Energywi$e Label, Environmental Campaign Committee  This award recognises the LRC’s improvement of energy-efficient measures and achievement of energy-saving goals.

Waste Management

2021   Class of Excellence – Wastewi$e Label, Environmental Campaign Committee  This award recognises the LRC’s improvement of waste reduction measures and the achievement of waste reduction goals.

Carbon Reduction Management

2021   Achieved 4% Carbon Reduction

Indoor Air Quality Management

2017-2020   Good Class Certificate awards – May Road Building, Environmental Protection Department

2017-2020   Excellent Certificate awards – Main Clubhouse, Environmental Protection Department

2021   Good Class Certificate - Sports Clubhouse , Environmental Protection Department

Green Awards

2018     Certificate of Merit – Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)

2019     Silver Award - Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)

2020     Gold Award - Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)

2018-2022   Hong Kong Green Organization (HKGO)

2020 HKAEE

2019 HKAEE

2018 HKAEE



2019     Platinum Award (May Road Building) – Charter on External Lighting

2020     Gold Award (Main Clubhouse and Sports Clubhouse) – Charter on External Lighting

2020-2021   Certificate of Appreciation – Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme

2021      Charter on Glass Container Recycling

2021      Charter on Energy Saving on "NO LIB"


The LRC is always looking for ways to support the environment and keep the LRC green. We encourage you to place all of your waste paper, metal and plastic in the recycling bin located at the lower walkway and car park entrance.

Thank you for making LRC a greener place!

LRC Environmental Policy