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I / We have read and understood the information overleaf regarding Life Absent Membership. I / We undertake and declare that I / we will not reside in Hong Kong for a continuous period exceeding six months from the effective date stated above. I / We understand that it is a condition of my / our being granted Life Absent Membership that (a) if my / our circumstances change and this declaration is no longer valid, I / we will inform [the LRC Membership] in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable, and (b) if I / we do not so inform you and / or if the information I am / we are providing to you in connection with this declaration is not true then I / We accept and agree that those circumstances may lead to my / our membership being cancelled. I / We also agree that if I am / we are returning to take up residency in Hong Kong, I / we must reactivate to Ordinary Membership within [1 month] of my / our return date. I / We acknowledge that in the event of any breach of my/our declaration above, my / our membership may be cancelled by the Club as determined by the General Committee.

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